Situational Metaphoric Exploitation

Life in its many twists and turns

Brings opportunities and setbacks

Assuming that faith is an anchor

Means action is the boat


And IF action is the boat then 

Consciousness is the sail

In which case intelligence is the wind

And the ocean is really just time


Course changes are a rarity in the resolute

But for people like me 

Shifting a few degrees here and there isn

That big of a deal


Today is the day of my fathers father

The father I never got to know

The father who shaped the family I am part of

The father whose presence is present 

in every facet of the life I grew up with


The father who spoke from books beyond my knowledge

The father who sang songs of devotion

The father whose mission was pure

Whose ambition was divine

The father who I offer obligations to 

With flowers and ancient rituals


Today is the day of my fathers father


Stumbling through the beigeness of it all

I find the inconsistency to be the appeal

I speak to no one but this computer about it

Sharing moments from my fingertips




Life flies by

While I tap away

Sure that the next button press will

Press the heartstrings





Hope in the words unspoken

In the lingering eye contact

In that brief second where everything is said

Without a single word

The Window



I fear for that delicate fist

Those precious fingers

The hand that holds mine


Then the foot

Slamming holes into the ether

Hot liquid pours from squinted eyes

And a scream

From the belly

From the depths 

From the cavernous reaches of thought


The voice I love

Saying the words I never thought I would hear

The words I was never expecting


The thoughts

That come flying through the red eye

Content to create a new home 

In my mind


The fear that one day I will wake up colder than usual

The fear that those beautiful brown eyes 

May one day be glazed

Not a sweet glaze

But a never ending one


The realization 

That this is my doing

That maybe we were never ready

That I don’t regret a moment of the journey

But she does


And maybe she hates the destination too

It’s my fault


This much I know